Premier and Chamber Choirs travel every summer during June and/or July, and follow the tradition of international tours every other year. Most tours to date have been organized through the services of ACFEA Tour Consultants. Tours typically last from 6–12 days, include multiple and varied performances and fun-filled daily touring and sight-seeing of significant historical and cultural landmarks as well as region-specific educational experiences (musical and otherwise). We have had the pleasure of performing most recently in the Stirling Bridge International Arts Festival in Scotland (July 2018), and in previous years at Carnegie Hall, the Golden Gate International Children’s Choral Festival, the Pacific International Children’s Choir Festival, as well as throughout Europe.

Apprentice Choir tours locally, and Intermediate Choir tours both locally and regionally in Southern California in preparation for longer tours when the choristers advance to Premier Choir.


The San Diego Children’s Choir is available for limited engagements throughout Southern California, nationally and internationally.

Below is a list of all national/international tours since the Choir began touring in 1994:

  • 2005 Italy

  • 2004 Australia

  • 2003 Eugene Festival, Oregon

  • 2002 England/Wales

  • 2001 Pacific Rim Festival, Hawaii

  • 2000 Germany/Austria

  • 1999 Pacific Northwest

  • 1998 France

  • 1997 East Coast American Heritage Tour

  • 1996 Italy

  • 1995 California Coast

  • 1994 Scotland/England

  • 2020 Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival, Vienna, Austria

  • 2019 Sing A Mile High Festival, Denver, Colorado

  • 2018 Stirling Bridge International Arts Festival, Scotland

  • 2017 New York City (Carnegie Hall)

  • 2016 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • 2015 New Orleans, Louisiana

  • 2012 Eugene Festival, Oregon

  • 2009 Pacific Rim Festival, Hawaii

  • 2007 Switzerland/France

  • 2006 Alaska

Tour snapshots

"We woke up early at Turtle Bay
with all our jet-lag, that's not ok.

We had a quick breakfast at BYU,
not to mention lunch and dinner too.

Then we walked to the PCC.
A canoe took us over to Tahiti

Also over to Aoteraroa
and Hawaii and also Samoa.

In Tahiti we learned to shake our hips
and in Hawaii we learned our hula dips.

In New Zealand we twirled poi balls
and learned the sasa and Samoan calls.

In conclusion, we had a fun time.
Boy this was hard to rhyme."

- Rhianna and Aspen, choristers from 2009 Pacific Rim Festival/Hawaii tour