choir director, intermediate choir

Status: Non-exempt, hourly
Reports to: Artistic Director


Job Description

The Choir Director, Intermediate Choir (advanced training choir, middle school) leads weekly rehearsals, at two locations, through the academic year, culminating in two major semester-ending concerts in conjunction with the four other SDCC ensembles as well as 2-4 additional Intermediate-only performance events each semester. Intermediate choir rehearses regularly in two sections, and comes together for all-group rehearsals on Sundays roughly every six weeks. Intermediate choristers range from grades 5-9 and are beginning to intermediate level music readers.

The Intermediate Choir director should be experienced in coaching adolescents in music literacy and healthy instruction of breath control. The education of healthy vocal production and music literacy are paramount. The Intermediate Choir director will select repertoire within concert themes or commissioned performances as selected by and with the approval of the Artistic Director. Two to three songs per semester will be selected by the Artistic Director for implementation as all-choir songs for major concerts.

A piano accompanist is provided for rehearsals and performances.

Responsibilities include:

  • Leading 50-70 students in two locations (20-30 students per location) in once-weekly, one hour and fifteen minute rehearsals throughout the academic year in preparation of performances, and to prepare older choristers for promotion to the next choir level

  • Create an effective weekly program of warm-up exercises, sight reading and repertoire learning

  • Monitor and communicate with families on student literacy progress (we currently use the Hal Leonard workbook series A Young Singer’s Journey)

  • Selection of repertoire within the bounds of concert themes for each semester and for commissioned performances, under the purview of the artistic director

  • Maintenance of communication with SDCC staff regarding upcoming rehearsals and events

  • Participate in periodic staff meetings

  • Maintenance of communication with choristers and families regarding student engagement and progress

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Bachelor's degree in music education OR masters in vocal performance with extensive choral singing and teaching expereince

  2. 3+ years of received private vocal coaching

  3. Minimum two years teaching choir to middle-school aged students

  4. Comfort using solfege and Curwen/Glover hand-signs as rehearsal tools

  5. Familiarity and interest in teaching/directing a variety of choral works, including the standard choral canon through all eras of music history, as well as lesser known world music

  6. Piano proficiency

  7. Interest in collaborating on an artistic level

neighborhood choir music teacher

Status: Non-exempt, hourly
Reports to: Program Director

Job Description

Neighborhood Choir is a community outreach program committed to providing quality music education to San Diego County schools and community organizations.

Neighborhood Choir Music Teachers teach between 15 and 30 children in grades K–6 at school and community locations in once-weekly, one-hour music classes culminating in an end-of-semester informal performance. Children are grouped into choir classes by age ranges of three consecutive grades or less (i.e. grades 1–3, 4–6, etc.).

Music Teachers educate and inspire children, teaching songs that instill the joy of singing while also addressing basic theory techniques (beat vs. rhythm, dynamics, etc.), basic solfege and rhythm-reading skills, proper vocal technique, and performance etiquette. Lessons should be playful and child-centered. Music Teachers select repertoire (in collaboration with Program Director) and communicate with parents and schools in planning and organizing local performances, when needed.

A piano accompanist is provided for performances and select rehearsals.

Depending on availability, Music Teachers may teach 1–4 Neighborhood Choir programs weekly. Most choirs rehearse after school, and schedules and days of week are varied.

Interested applicants should have a bachelor's degree in music education and experience teaching general and/or choral music to elementary-aged children, or comparable experience. Applicants must exhibit strong and engaging classroom management skills. Additional endorsements in Kodály and/or Orff are preferred. Spanish-speaking ability is a plus. 

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Bachelor's degree in music education

  2. Experience teaching music to elementary-aged children in general music or choir setting

  3. Comfort using solfege and Curwen/Glover hand-signs as rehearsal tools

Application Procedure

Please send an email with the subject name of the position for which you are applying, including a cover letter and/or CV with three references, to Michele Tondreau at Links to video of teaching and/or performances are requested prior to interview, if available.