Non-Auditioned Programs

Children in Pre-K through 2nd grade do not require an audition to enroll in our programs. Parents may enroll their child at any time for the upcoming session.



Early Years I & II (ages 4–6)

  • Early Years I introduces four- to five-year-olds to the world of music and singing with interactive games, dancing, rhythm instruments, and singing 
  • Early Years II introduces five- to six-year-olds to choral singing and music reading with games and rhythm instruments. They are eased into choral performance by learning short songs to perform for family members in the final class
  • Each program meets once a week during an 8-week session     
    • Spring Session at Mission Valley:  
      • Apr. 7–May 26, 2018, Saturdays
        • Early Years I: 9:30–10:15 a.m.
        • Early Years II: 10:30–11:15 a.m.
      • Apr. 4–May 23, 2018, Wednesdays
        • Early Years I & II Combined: 3:00–3:45 p.m.


Rate: $156 per eight-week session; classes may be prorated. 

Early Years I & II Tuition
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Preparatory Choir (grades 1–3)

Margie Orem, Music Director

  • Children joining Preparatory Choir typically have little to no prior musical experience
  • They learn basic vocal techniques such as posture, resonance and breathing, sight-reading and performance skills, including choreography
  • They sing unison and two-part repertoire in many languages and present four to six public performances locally each year, including two major concerts with the auditioned upper level choirs

Tuition: $337.50 semester ($650/annual or $121/mo). For discounts and additional cost information, visit Fee Schedule.

Please note: Children entering 3rd grade may enroll in Preparatory Choir or audition for placement in either Preparatory or Apprentice Choir