Thank you for your interest in the San Diego Children's Choir. Each choir level has a dedicated music director and accompanist. Premier and Chamber Choirs classes include periodic visits from a vocal specialist.

*Please note the information below applies to our Ensemble Choirs only. For rates regarding Early Years, click here.

tuition rates Season 2018-19

Preparatory Choir: $337.50 semester ($650/annual or $121/mo)

Apprentice Choir: $412.50 semester ($800/annual or $146/mo)

Intermediate Choir: $437.50 semester ($850/annual or $154/mo)

Premier Choir: $550.00 semester ($1,075/annual or $192/mo)

Premier and Chamber Choir: $712.50 semester ($1,400/annual or $246/mo)

Convenient Payment plans

Plan A: Pay year in full by September 1

Plan B: Two equal semester payments due: 9/1 for Fall Semester and 1/1/19 for Spring Semester**

Plan C: Six equal monthly payments due: 9/1, 10/1, 11/1 for Fall Semester and 1/1, 2/1, 3/1 for Spring Semester**

**Transaction Fees: $12.50 fee per transaction for Plan B and C.


Sibling Discount: $40 off each sibling after the first enrolled. Use code SIBLING at Checkout.


  • Non-refundable annual registration fee: $45

  • Concert tickets: $7-$30/concert

  • Formal Performance Uniform: $80–$240

  • Fall Overnight Retreat for Premier/Chamber Choirs (required): $95–$185

  • Local/Regional Tour for Apprentice/Intermediate Choirs (optional): $45–$250

  • National/International Tour for Premier/Chamber Choirs (optional): $2,000–$4,000

  • Replacement Music if Lost: $25/missing binder

  • Late Payment Fee: $25 if payment sent 10 days after due date

Financial Aid

The San Diego Children's Choir maintains an extensive need-based financial aid policy. We encourage all interested singers, regardless of economic circumstances, to contact the Choir. The Choir provides financial aid for tuition based on need, with consideration given to a child’s attendance and performance record. A financial aid application is required along with supporting financial documents. Applications are reviewed annually. Financial aid is available for retreats, camps and tours in addition to choir tuition.


As a not-for-profit organization, the San Diego Children’s Choir depends daily upon the many parents, grandparents, and other family members, who volunteer to support the Choir. Volunteers provide an array of services and activities each year, including chaperoning performances. The Parents Association provides a variety of extracurricular activities and resources for singers and families, including opportunities for singers to raise money for individual chorister mini-tour/tour accounts and general fundraisers to support tour activities and family events. They also organize an annual open house for parent orientation and the sale of used uniforms.