Auditioned Choirs

Children and youth in 3rd through 12th grade require an audition for placement purposes. Each choir level builds a foundation of skills for the next level. Weekly rehearsals consist of between 20-30 students at each site, with the full choir gathering for all-together rehearsals and performances. For audition information, see below.


Apprentice Choir (grades 3–5)

Margie Orem, Music Director

  • Meets one time a week from September through June at one of the following locations:

  • Children match and repeat pitches and rhythms, are competent English readers and function comfortably in the group rehearsal environment

  • They continue to develop their well-supported healthy singing voice (head-voice) and work weekly on a sequential music literacy curriculum

  • They sing in unison, frequently in rounds and occasional two-part repertoire in many languages and present five to eight local public performances yearly, including an optional full-day mini-tour each spring

Please note: Children entering 3rd grade may elect to audition for Apprentice Choir or join the non-auditioned Preparatory Choir.


Intermediate Choir (grades 5–8)

Rebecca Steinke, Music Director

  • Meets one time a week from September through June at one of the following locations:

  • Children continue to hone posture, breathing and vocal technique, developing a greater degree of musical independence through part-singing, sight-singing and aural skills

  • They participate in discussions regarding style, cultural context and history of various repertoire

  • They are local ambassadors of the Choir and frequently represent the organization at events. Intermediate choristers are becoming vocal and social leaders through development of their musical skills and confidence. This ensemble begins advanced level repertoire singing in two, three and four part rounds, and has six to 10 public performances and concerts each season, including an optional full-day mini-tour each spring


PREMIER Choir (grades 7–12)

Ruthie Millgard, Artistic Director

  • Meets one time a week from September through June at one of the following locations:

  • At this level, choristers sing independently in three-six parts. They demonstrate advanced vocal techniques, fluency in sight-reading and harmony, and perform music successfully in a variety of languages and styles

  • Advanced sight singing and aural skills, an understanding and analysis of the choral score, a secure sense of vocal independence and adaptability as a performer are taught and emphasized

  • Youth take on elected roles to further develop leadership and independence both in and out of the Choir program

  • Extensive home study is required intermittently throughout the year

  • Choristers are required to attend an overnight retreat at the start of the fall semester, and perform in eight to 15 concerts each season, including local collaborative and high-profile performances. They have the opportunity to participate in summer tours that alternate from national to international each year


Chamber Choir (Grades 10–12)

Ruthie Millgard, Artistic Director

  • Meets one time a week from September through June at the following location:

  • Simultaneous participation in Premier Choir is required to participate in the level, including all required events and retreats.

  • Choristers in this changed voice ensemble are expected to exhibit advanced musical independence and be able to sing mixed-voice choral works with confidence

  • Extensive home study is required intermittently throughout the year

audition Information

The first step in the enrollment process for 312th graders is to schedule an audition. The Choir conducts 10-15 minute individual auditions with one of our artistic staff. Auditions are conducted in a relaxed, informal atmosphere and are based on age, vocal ability, and musical experience. A love of singing and enthusiasm for music are the most important requirements. Choristers are re-evaluated annually to assess their progress and determine their readiness for placement into more advanced chorus levels. Schedule an audition for the upcoming semester below.

Audition FAQs

how do i schedule an audition?

Fill out the form below. Call 858-587-1087 or email us at if you have any questions or if you cannot make any of the available appointment times.

Where do auditions take place?

In our downtown office location at 1620 5th Avenue, Suite 300, San Diego, 92101. There is only street parking available and most is metered. Please give yourself time to park. Our suite is located on the third floor, to the left when you exit the elevator, next to the mail room.

What preparation is needed?

No preparation is necessary for the audition, and they are free. Auditions are simply designed to gauge a child’s basic skill level in the areas of ear training and vocal independence, as well as some simple sight-reading for those eligible for Intermediate Choir (grades 5–8) or Premier Choir (grades 7–12). Some previous experience is expected for Premier Choir.

Can parents sit in on the audition?

Auditions are one-on-one with the artistic staff member, but singers can have a parent or other family member present for comfort, if needed.

what happens after the audition?

Families are generally informed right after the audition if their child is accepted, and which choir level would best suit their current skills. Registration and tuition information will be emailed afterward.

We look forward to meeting you!

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