The Concert and Youth Choirs travel every summer during June and July, and follow the tradition of International tours every other year. Almost all tours, to date, have been organized through the services of ACFEA Tour Consultants. Tours normally include 6 to 7 concerts, home stays with host choir organizations, and fun filled daily touring of the countries that we visit - both with home stay hosts and local tour guides.

The Intermediate Choir tours locally in Southern California in preparation for the longer tours when the choristers advance to the Concert Choir.

The Choir began touring in 1993. The policy was that the Choir would alternate domestic and international tours every summer. The following are the initial tours:

  • 1993 - Golden Gate International Festival
  • 1994 - Scotland / England
  • 1995 - California Coast
  • 1996 - Italy
  • 1997 - East Coast American Heritage Tour
  • 1998 - France
In April 1999, the Choir web site came online and we began posting as we traveled. Subsequent tours are listed in the right navigation.