What is the San Diego Children’s Choir?

The San Diego Children’s Choir is an audition based choir (no audition for grades Pre-K – 3) that provides children with choral singing education and performance opportunities that foster performance excellence and collaboration at the highest artistic level, nurturing individual development and creating a foundation for lifelong success. The Choir enriches the cultural fabric of San Diego County through the transformative power of music. Serving youth from four to 18 years old, the choir has an active performance schedule including regional, national, and international tours.


When are the rehearsals? Where are the rehearsal locations? What are the rehearsals like?

Rehearsal times vary depending on the choir level but are scheduled in the early evening or weekend to avoid interfering with after-school programs.

Rehearsals take place at 4 convenient locations throughout San Diego County:

  • Rancho Bernardo/Poway
  • Mission Valley
  • Mira Mesa/Scripps Ranch
  • Carmel Valley

Rehearsal lengths vary by choir level:

  • Early Years & Introductory Choir (PreK – grade 1): 45 minutes
  • Preparatory Choir (grades 1 - 3): 1 hour
  • Intermediate Choir (grades 3 – 6): 1.5 hours
  • Boys and Girls Concert Choirs (grades 6 – 9): 2 hours each
  • Chamber Choir (grades 10 – 12): 2.5 hours

You can expect the following during a typical rehearsal:

  • Vocal training & technique
  • Physical warm-ups
  • Group ensemble skill development
  • Reading music
  • Memorization of music
  • Learning and analyzing of harmonies
  • Song history & origins
  • Language understanding


Is there a cost to participate? Can my child participate without paying upfront?

Once your child has joined the choir and made a commitment to the rehearsal schedule, the yearly tuition fees are:

  • Early Years: $145 per 8-week session ($20 off each additional sibling)
  • Introductory Choir: $156 per 8-week session ($20 off each additional sibling)
  • Preparatory: 2017/2018 tuition - COMING SOON!
  • Intermediate: 2017/2018 tuition - COMING SOON!
  • Concert (Boys & Girls): 2017/2018 tuition - COMING SOON!
  • Chamber: 2017/2018 tuition - COMING SOON!

*Scholarships are available in the Fall upon request for those families that qualify. Call the Choir office for more information on scholarships.

Children and parents are welcome to experience SDCC through any of our community performances but due to insurance guidelines, children are not allowed to attend practice without formally joining unless they are attending an SDCC hosted Open House rehearsal.


When does the Choir start?

The Fall semester typically begins mid-September and the Spring semester begins mid-January. Children may join the Choir in September or January before the start of each semester. Please contact the Choir Office for exact dates, times and locations.


What is the participation level required/expected?

Like any other extracurricular activity commitment, it is expected that all Choristers prioritize membership in SDCC and attend all scheduled performances. Also, remaining consistent and punctual in their weekly rehearsal attendance is appreciated. This includes All-Together rehearsals and final rehearsals prior to performances.


When are auditions? Where are auditions held?

Auditions are for children in 4th grade and older and are typically held just prior to each semester and at the end of each semester. Children in 3rd grade can choose whether to audition for Intermediate or join the non-auditioned Preparatory Choir. (Children in grades 1 and 2 do not audition.)

  • June
  • July
  • August
  • December
  • January

Auditions are conveniently held at our main offices in Mission Valley:

123 Camino de la Reina, Suite 202 South, San Diego, CA 92108


How does SDCC benefit the children?

The San Diego Children’s Choir assists in developing and fostering the following:

  • Music theory education
    • Becoming musically literate through sight singing & ear training
  • Breath support
  • Healthy vocal techniques
  • Cooperation
  • Responsibility
  • Independance 
  • Appreciation for Music History and World Music

Additional goals of the San Diego Children’s Choir include:

  • Ability to express themselves through performances & artistic expression
  • Ability to develop vocal, musical, aural and other analytical skills
  • Ability to appreciate classical & traditional music from various cultures
  • Ability to appreciate and develop relationships with people from different backgrounds
  • Ability to develop each singer’s sense of responsibility to the group as a whole and an individual self-confidence


Where does the San Diego Children’s Choir perform?

SDCC produces two major concerts annually (Winter and Spring) and at local venues such as:

  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Community Centers
  • Retirement Centers and Assisted Living Facilities
  • Private Events

The Choir also collaborates with other organizations such as:

  • The San Diego Symphony
  • The San Diego Master Chorale
  • Westwind Brass


Do the children wear uniforms?

Yes, depending on the choir level, choristers have several different uniform requirements. For most performances, each choir level has a Formal Uniform they are required to wear. Additionally, all choristers are required to own a casual uniform for special rehearsals and some performances, which consists of:

  • White Choir Polo Shirt (Dennis Uniform)
  • Plain, dark blue jeans (full length)
  • White or black tennis or canvas shoes (plain)
  • White socks (black belt if needed)

Choristers do NOT need to wear uniforms for weekly rehearsals.


Will my child have the opportunity to travel and if so, to where?

Yes, if you are an eligible member of the Intermediate, Boys & Girls Concert, or Chamber Choir, you will have an opportunity to go on tour. Each year we make decisions about tour destinations, so once we determined those opportunities, we will make those available to all eligible choristers.

*SDCC Parents Association provides fundraising opportunities for Choristers throughout the year.



For additional information, please contact Kelsey Young at the SDCC Office • 858.587.1087